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Organizing the Living World Across • Linneaus classified organisms based on morphologically and structurally similar characters rather than differences, this term refers to these types of characters HOMOLOGOUS • Plural of taxon TAXA • Synonym for evolutionary taxonomy NATURAL • Every animal in a taxon shares this type of ancestor COMMON • Special text formatting that you have to apply to a genus species name when typed ITALIC • In some animals in a taxon the original characters that defined the group have been modified, they are now this type of character DERIVED • These derived characters are shared by all the members of the clade and are referred to as these SYNAPOMORPHIES • Cladistics emphasizes this type of relationship between the different taxa MONOPHYLETIC • Aterm that describes any of the major or minor groups in the classification system TAXON • The kingdom of multicelled saprophytic organisms that have a cell wall composed of chitin FUNGI • Monophyletic groups have this number of ancestors ONE • These appendages of bats and birds are homologous with our arms WINGS • Two different taxa have similar looking structures that function in similar ways. Its an example of this type of evolution CONVERGENT • Asubset of organisms within a group that all have the same shared char
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