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Lecture 6

BIO1130 Keywords for Lecture 6

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BIO1130 Keywords 6 92 organization Arrangement of microtubules for the formation of flagella 9 triplets on the outside and 2 microtubules in the centerAlternation ofThe regular alternation of mode of reproduction in the life cycle of an organism such generationsas the alternation between diploid sporophyte and haploid gametophyte phases in plants Spends an equal amount of time in diploid and haploid states Lifestyle of choice for plants photosynthetic nutritional strategy 1 Plant eg Fern undergoes meiosis to make spores 2n2Spores undergo mitosis to make haploid cells called gametophytes 3 Gametophytes undergo mitosis to make gametes4 Gametes undergo fertilization to make zygotes which grow with mitosis back to plants 5 Cycle repeatsAmeboidBased off of amoeba using pseudopodsamoeboidUses a different system of motors not dyeninkinesin called myosin molecular motors movementthat move along actin Environment of amoeboid cells build actin fibers so amoeba can convert cytoplasm between two different states endoplasm into ectoplasm at the front while moving The anterior end of the amoeba can regenerate so the organism has a net movement forward from the endoplasm shooting out and flowing backwards The reverse is also happening at the opposite end of the amoeba Endoplasm gets converted into ectoplasm thus there is a constant dynamic change in cytoplasmic composition from stiff to rigid to contractile Amoeba has a choice of direction the whole cell is engaged in movement Amoeba can quickly change direction and start flowing in a completely different way Period of time where they had 1 flagellum unikont then it started to become an amoeboidAsexualAny mode of reproduction in which a single individual gives rise to offspring without reproductionfusion of gametes that is without genetic input from another individualAutotroph An organism that produces its own food using CO and other simple inorganic 2compounds from its environment and energy from the sun or from oxidation of inorganic substancesBacteriaOne of two domains of prokaryotes collectively bacteria are the most metabolically Eubacteriadiverse organismsBacteriophage A virus that infects bacteria Also referred to as a phageBasal body Basal bodies describe the base of flagellacilia Essentially the same as centriolescentrosomesBikont Two flagellum basal bodiesIt can swim in water columns and move up and down while feedingAlmost all of the bikont group is photosyntheticThese cells also develop a very complex structure of a membrane around themCellular division ofThe compartmentalization of systemslabour Eg Nuclear envelopeCellular gliding One of the ways of movement for the origins of cell motility where microtubules assemble and press on the cell membrane causing it to extend At the other end microtubules disassembled causing the cell to move and seem like it was gliding on the surface it was onCentriole A cylindrical structure consisting of nine triplets of microtubules paired and oriented at right angles to each other Located in centrosomes of most animal cells Responsible for building cytoskeleton of cells that are made up of dimers of tubulinThese dimers are assembled sequentially to create the cytoskeletal microtubules that are the cytoskeleton of a cell Centrioles created microtubule arrays that pushed against the plasma membrane and
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