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BIO1130 Keywords for Lecture 1

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Ages of SandThere are four ages of sand defined by Douglas Adams because sandsilica has driven the world of sciencest1 Telescope 1608 Sand was highly heated to turn into glass and made the telescope and microscope Telescope was used to view outside Earthnd2 Microscope 1608 Microscope was used to view small world of bacteria Large number of scientific revolution related to glass Able to look at small things with microscope puddle whole series of life that has never been seen beforerd3 Computer Chip 1961 Silica was used to make a chip that made access to information a lot easier with 0s and 1screates binary system of a computerth4 Fiber optics 1980s Lastly the fiber optic cable made it possible for instantaneous communicationaccess between scientists using computer chips Transmission of data that had been recorded in 0s1s exchange data in virtual world Gives a universality to be able to do science within your discipline no longer isolatedAlDinawariOne of the Byzantium and Islamic world naturalistsHe recognized plant life cycles the importance of reproductive parts of plants and writes six books expanding Theophrastus books on plant biology and extending our knowledgeAlhazenOne of the Byzantium and Islamic world naturalists Published a book on optics and light and decided that there was a set of proper ways to carry out observations of the living world Created the scientific method these 7 steps come from one of his publications at the turn of the 1st millenniumAlJahizOne of the Byzantium and Islamic world naturalistsOne of the first to write about evolution see page 20 of Lecture 1 One of first to contradict the Scala because evolution has variations while the Scala states everything is identical without variations Quote is describing evolution was being toyed with 1400 years ago animals change Recognizes plant life cycles recognizes the importance of the contribution of the reproductive partsAristotle Realizes there are 2 things inanimate nonliving things and animate living Gives us one of the first organizational taxonomic schemes of the world by placing organisms between what is called the Scala Naturae Man is at the top of the Scala Created the Scala based on superiority and inferiority of organisms this is the great chain of being this is the way the world is Gives us classification schemes before there were just big lists of thingsArtificial Taxonomy Classifying unrelated species based on common criteriaList of living thingsanimals and plantsCame from folk taxonomySuperficial characters not express the natural relationsBased on appearance detailed description rather than unique namesAvicennaOne of the Byzantium and Islamic world naturalistsmajor Islamic philosopher Took the Hippocratic corpus that Hippocrates did and added medicine from the Islamic and the Indian subcontinent and Asia bumping up everything we knew about it and his publications were still in use in 17th century England and Europe in 1300s most of the physicians held in highest esteem were all from the Arabic nations and using medicinals that were catalogued updated and published in the middle east and in IslamAvicenna instrumental in doing thisBinomen A name including the genus and speciesLinnaeus createdhierarchal system that can be used to store piles of info and he gave us a unique name for every single organism By giving us the genus species name it shortens the full name but still contains all the traits inherits all of the traits with the name This is a unique name for each organism There is no duplication of namesBinomial See above toonomenclature Names are in Latin because theyve been in Latin since square 1 when taxonomy started
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