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BIO1130 Keywords for Lecture 4

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Biology Lecture 4 KeywordsAdhesion The adherence of molecules to the walls of conducting tubes as in plants One of the properties of waterArchaean eon Eon where there is mainly anaerobic bacterial life and oxygen starts to accumulate at the end One archaean will be able to split water into hydrogen and oxygen and build up the oxygen in the oceans dissolved oxygen 38002500 myaBiomonomers First organic carbon molecules Signifies the start of organicsBiopolymers These are the macromolecules formed after polymerization in chemical evolution There are 3 possible explanations to get from inorganic to organic molecules chemical evolution prebiotic soups hydrothermal vents and interstellar organics Polymerization is one of the key steps is to build the glucose ring carbohydrate that fuels all lifeOther examples of polymers include proteins polymers the control the functions of life by enzymatic structure nucleic acids polymers that are put together and make DNARNA and lipids not really polymers because they do not make endless chains however they can be considered polymers because they attach fatty acid groups to glycerolAll these things can be soluble or insoluble Until substances get their charged part inside to the outside they wont be soluble Scientists have not been able to spontaneously spawn a nucleic acid chain and a protein chain Thus getting from a single monomer to a polymer with nucleic acids hasnt been achievedBuilding phase ofThe first phase of Earth in the Hadean eon preceeds the stabilizing phase of Earththe Earth Consists of large amounts of mass that is gradually increased through the gravitational forces that pull smaller objects towards them Involves the Nice model and the late heavy bombardment It is evolution of the inanimate the mineral aspects of the solar system Eventually all the planets including Earth goes stable from the antagonism between Saturn and Jupiter stabilizing phaseCarbon Carbon is a universal element along with the whole periodic table it is found everywhere Ubiquitous Unique because it has 4 bonding sites that are perfectly spaced with each other tetrahedron and they can be joined togetherYou can make branches chains and rings Silicon can do this too but it is less abundant than carbon Organic chemistry is based off of the chemistry of the study of carbon and its interaction with other carbon molecules Once we build carboncarbon molecules we have the potential to make greater thingsCenozoic The era in the Phanerozoic eon that is present time Marked by a major meteorite impact that wiped out the dinosaurs Once the dinosaurs disappear mammals and birds dominate the Earth 65 myapresentCentral dogma The central dogma of biology is the following process DNARNAProtein or in other words transcription DNA into RNA and translation of RNA into proteins in which all steps require enzymes DNA is a double helix DNA is replicated when it is replicated the DNA code is formed Messenger RNA is the link between DNA and Protein RNA is said to be the intermedia between DNA and protein The question is how do we get our first strand of DNA The answer to this is that DNA may not arrived in the world first The RNA world may have arrived first or it may be proteins according to the protein first hypothesisChemicalIt is the transformation of single elements inorganic molecules O N S etc into the 22
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