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CAMBRIANORDIVICIAN EONKEY WORDSAcoelomate Multicellular organism triloblasts SOLID core of mesodermal tissueNO hollow areas OUTSIDE organsEgflatworm Algal matsIn benthic zoneLAYER of algaecyanobacteria on ocean bottom NEW undiscovered habitat for Cambrian burrowersEgorganisms now had feeding protectionanchorage Archaeocyte AmoebocyteIn spongesAmoeboid stem cells Spermegglarval baby spongeAssymetric Body Plan NO axis of symmetry oral to aboral axisEgSpongesBenthic ZoneEcological region at LOWEST level of a body of waterINCLUDES sediment surfacesubsurface layersIn Cambrian EraoUndiscovered NEW habitatoAllowed for burrowers to have feeding anchorage protectionBilateral Symmetry Body PlanOnly ONE axis of symmetry oral to aboral axisVAST bilaterally symmetric BETTER for orientation Eglobster dorsalventricle symmetry human oralaboral symmetry Bivalve Type of MolluscComposed of 2 shellsSymmetry bilateral Feeding filter feedsLive sediments in seas OR freshwater Egclams mussels scallops oysters Blastopore In Embryo during Gastrulation Site of gastrulation initiation in area ASSIGNED to be endoderm Opening of the archenteronsventral region of embryo In protostome becomes mouthIn deuterostome becomes anus Blastula 8 days AFTER fertilization cleavage stage embryoliquidfilled sphere blastocoelfluidfilled cavity wallsingle layer of cellsimplantation ONTO uterine wall occursEgechinodermamphibian embryosBryozoa LophophoratesAnimaliaTiny SESSILE colonies build up skeletons of calcium carbonateSimilar to opollups in cnideria ocoralFeed How oExtend arms upwards into oceanoMouth open oFood particles FALL onto ciliated tentaclesoMove food to mouth Burgess Shale Fossils Yoho National Park BC 505 ma Middle Cambrian Why So SpecialoAnaerobic areaoOrnate invertebratesoExperiments of multicellular lifeoANCIENT diversity in multicellular organisms Softbody organisms LAYERED in sediments shale Bodies dont decayPERFECTLY preserved fossilsCambrian Period st543490 ma1 period in Phanerozoic EraEXPLOSION BOOOOOMMMM of oMulticellular organisms in fossilsoInvertebratesoDiversity oExperimentation in speciesContinents flooded by shallow seesHardshelled animals make appearanceCambrian BurrowersIn benthic zoneDiscovered NEW untapped habitat in Ediacaran continued to use Algal mat FULL of nutrientsfood to LIVE on AdvantagesoFeedingnew food source at BOTTOM of oceanoAnchoragehabitathome NOT washed away oProtectionescapereturn EASILY Cambrian Explosion around 530 maRapid appearance of major group of complex animals Evidenced by fossil record
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