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Carboniferous and Permian Periods - Keywords.doc

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Key WordDefinitionKey PointsAbdomenThe region of the body that Houses the digestive contains much of the systemdigestive tract and sometimes In females it contains part of the reproductive the eggssystem in insects the region behind the thoraxAlbumenThe most abundant protein in Contains protein blood plasma important for nutrientsosmotic balance and pH buffering also the portion of an egg that serves as the main source of nutrients and water for the embryoAllantoisIn an amniote egg an Packages wasteextraembryonic membrane sac that fills much of the space between the chorion and the yolk sac and stores the embryos nitrogenous wastesAmetabolous metamorphosis Metamorphosis used by Adults continue to moldHemimetabolouswingless insectsAmnionIn an amniote egg an Encapsulated mini extraembryonic membrane oceanthat encloses the embryo Embryo is suspended forming the amniotic cavity in hereand secreting amniotic fluid Reptiles use this Which provides an aquatic strategyenvironment in which the embryo develops Amniotes AmphibiaCame up to escape poor oxygen waters and to feed on insectsMost are insectivoresAppendages are directly connected to vertebral columnLocomotion compressed lungs still not perfectHave lungs but most gas exchange occurs through the skin
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