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Key WordDefinitionKey PointsAdaptive RadiationA cluster of closely related A rapid evolutionary species that are each disparity characterized adaptively specialized to a by an increase in the specific habitat or food sourcemorphological and ecological diversity of a single rapid diversifying lineageAdvanced CharactersA character that is not in the Designated by 123same state as the outgroupAnalogousDue to convergent evolution similar structures with similar functions but species are not closely relatedApomorphyDerived character within a group something changes in the organismArtificial taxonomyWas written downList that took all the Ancient taxonomycultures and combined them long and tediousWere reorganized by Linnaeus made many mistakesBy the time of the roman empire that extended over all of Western Europe and around the Mediterranean these lists of natural things included animals and plants that were economically or medicinally important to the EmpireThe list grew longer and were based on detailed descriptions of the objects being classified rather than unique names for the animals or plants AutopomorphyA derived trait that is unique to a given terminal groupBinomenA name consisting of two Linnaeus found a
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