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Hadean notes

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Consists of 4 major eonsOldest one 38 billion years HADEAN EONwill last about 800million years for the planet to stabalize to form the presence of the first life forms Presence of first life form will change the appearance of the sedimentary rocks and things that are being laid downWhirlpool galaxy M51Hadean eonBIO1130 Organismal Biology1Universit dOttawaUniversity of Ottawa1022 AM Hadean is followed by the Archaean Archaean13 billion years the only thing that happens is life is going to live in the absence of oxygen in the ocean as bacteria 14 of the worlds history is anaerobic bacteria living in the oceanOxygen accumulates from life form that obtains highenergy electrons by the splitting of the water molecules into hydrogen protondrives life and oxygen waste Becomes the dominant way of producing energy Oxygen oxidizes ocean air and landat the end of the eon the earth rustsOxygen then builds up to high enough levels that we end up with prokaryotesbacteria turning into eukaryote cells with all the organelles Eukaryote cells are all we see in oceans for 2 million years Geological time scale and life formsTable 11 pg xiiMajor EonsPhanerozoic 543 to present time MaMulticellular organismsProterozoic 2500543 MaOxygen atmosphere single celled aerobic organisms Archaean 38002500 MaAnaerobic bacterial life oxygen starts to accumulate Hadean 46003800 MaFormation of the solar system and planet ends with origin of lifeBIO1130 Organismal Biology2Universit dOttawaUniversity of Ottawa1022 AMPhanerozoicMassive jump to multicellular lifeGeological time scale and building height1floor60Ma 72 floors 12 feetfloorMajor Eons MaPhanerozoic543 Ma to present time top 9 floorsProterozoicPage 1rd rd2500543 Ma 3363Archaeanth rd38002500 Ma 12 33Hadeanth46003800 Ma 012BIO1130 Organismal Biology3Universit dOttawaUniversity of Ottawa1022 AMPage 2
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