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thLecture2 BIO 1130 Friday Sep 7 2012Biology Biologists and Bioscience biology is a word not a term ruled by manifestations and laws Important stages in bioGreek and Roman eraMedieval agesRenaissance and Scientific erath19th20st21 3 individualsHippocrates father of medicinehuman biologyAristotle student of Hippokept a record of all the organisms as greeks travelledmade a list of animals and classifies them from superior to inferiorsgives us scala naturaeanimal biologyTheophrastus father of classificationstarted with plantsmedical benefitsqualities at the timediscovered plants protection and its chemical strategy used pollination to classify and most of the time he was correctwrote 10 books 9 of them are still being read todayStudy medial properties of plants Father of plantsNote Hippocrates and Theophrastus both linked for medical cures Greek and Roman era Scala naturae the great chain of being Essentialism1Superiour God gods Zues Judaism Islam Catholics2Angles Arc Angles3Man4Birds5Animals6Organisms on surface 7Organisms in the groundFrom the great chain essential element everything looks the same in each sectionAll of which are diverse all of which are unchanging and hierarchy systemNo change in or within system nobody could move up or down the rankingsMedieval ages Dramatic tribes Gous runs out the Romans and the Greeks whole commerce systemtherefore economy collapses no more agriculture low population low educationby 450 Gous destroys Rome Took 300 years and then 1000 years a new population begins and England Nords Denmark Wales take over Europe becomes wealthyby 1347 The Black Plague via silk roads rats and flees from asia kill Europe 13 ppl died once again industry and commerce drops again and it takes another 300 years to recover 1400 Christopher Coloumbus discovers new geography near the western world Islamic nations not affected by plague therefore they take Europes Science to its dwellers and now Islam grows as an age Islam Byzantium Islam look at things to improve agricultural stoke they turn to the obtained science from Europe to start selective breeding Avicennatook greekroman India Asias note on Science to create a medical catalogue This would last until the 1600s Islamic medicine Al Baitercompletes pharmacology and does healing usingPlantsby Europes ideasSpecial pattern similar to scala naturea Pedigree of Manno change to this pattern as wellrdAccording to the Irish Oct 23 4004 BCE is when all these things came aboutScientific Revolution Copernicustrying to use math to ask about the universebelieved the sun is the centre of the universehe was funded by the church to what was going onGaileosupported the idea of the sun as the centrebut sent to pergutory because he did not prove that earth is the centre of the earth or did not want to believe Van Leeuwenhoek created the first microscope used that to amplify living things smaller than what we thoughtlooked at small things in life things we cant see more in detail Harveydoctor of physiology how did things workLinnaeus binomen natureorganized the living world Ernested Hiarchyand therefore made predictionsTaxa1Kingdom2Phylum3Class4Order5Family6Genus7Species Ex Apis Melliferagenus adjactivealways written in italic due to different languageway to name things such as animals sets rules for them and are still being used today thLecture3 wed Sept 12 2012Animalia Plantae and Fungi multi celluar and have cell to cell communicationsProtista Eucaroyte and Monera Procaryote no cell to cell communications single cell but no specialization of the cellProkaryotic cellsMost primitive earliest form of lifeDo not have a predefined nucleusChromosomes are dispersed in the cytoplasmContain no membranebound organellesHave circular chromosomes and lack histone proteinsMost metabolically diverseSmalltypically 15 micrometers in diameter
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