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Silurian and Devonian lecture notes.doc

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Jon Houseman

Silurian and DevonianSlide 1 at this point oceans filled with invertebrates single cells prokaryotes archea bacteria etc mass extinction at the end of the ordiviciandual event about 1 million years apart glaciation the earth is chilled oceanic waters are tied up ice masses at the polesdecline in ocean levels due to icecontinental shelf diminishing continental shelf diminishescollapse in productive zone greening of landbeginnings of photosynthesisCO2 is beginning to turn into sugars and organic carbonlowers CO2 in air lowering of volcanic activity earths plates stabilize and there is less outgassing less greenhouse gases crash in habitat availabilityextinction Slide 5after extinction most major architectures are still presentsome morphologies may be diminishedie bryozoa trilobitesextinction creates a bottleneck effect loss in diversity only certain morphologies survive and they become successfulinvertebrate fish make an appearance Slide 6 Silurianage of fishvertebrate fish body plan begins to dominatesthey take advantage of the bottleneck and increase in numbers due toavailable habitat Slide 7 paleotethys ocean shallow ocean ideal for fish evolution architecturewarm sunlight penetrates etchigh productivitySlide 8 Arthropod Crustaceacrustacea become larger and some are terrestrial Slide 9Armoured Fishfirst fish that appear in oceans due to arms race at the end of the Cambrian ie ostracoderms covered in plates of calcified bone for protection
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