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Mesozoic Triassic Jurassic Cretaceous Slide 1when the Permian comes to an end there is a group that puts amniote eggs up on land and has a distinct advantage Slide 2Early TriassicPangaea is starting to pull itself apartSlide 3Late Jurassiccontinents continue to drift Slide 5Late Cretaceousanother mass extinction occurs just before the Jurassic this seals the fate of the terrestrial vertebrate form Slide 6Plesiosaursone of the major changes is in the oceans diapsids culminate into large swimming plesiosaursare major predators in the ocean a lot of the ocean life is wiped out during the Permian and freshwater organisms move into the ocean environment and succeedPlesiosaurs begin to feed on these newly invading organisms and become huge Slide 7Molluscs and Cephalopodswhen all the agile swimmers invade the oceans the cephalopods respond by dropping their shell to become much more agile with jetpropelled water system and develop into the squids and octopods today Slide 8Amniote Phylogenyfirst vertebrates appear on landcan feed with their jaws to hold on preyin the terrestrial environment the jaw becomes the main source to get food muscles on the jaw become very large to accommodate crushing and tearing Slide 9Oviparous Reproductionall of the amniotes are producing eggs at this point and are referred to as oviparous
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