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Slide 1 -20-30thousand unique gene sequence in human genome -more than 20-30 thousand proteins -encode project: 80% of genome considered "pure junk" wasn't junk dna sequence actually regulates proteins that are transcribed from the genes Slide 3 -Treviranus was first person to say biology -Biology was the latest of the sciences Slide 4 -Before it was called biology it would be called natural sciences Slide 5 -Hippocrates was a philosopher that studied the human body (considered the father of medicine) -Aristotle is a student of Hippocrates and he took records of trading around greek empire and makes lists of animals and organisms being observed in these places (made the first catalogue of animals called Scala naturae; first ecologist -Theophrastus did what Aristotle did but with plants for medicinal plants (botany); wrote 10 books on plants based on the way they are pollenated (non-existent at that point of time); books he made then were still being used up until the 14th century (1600 years) and is still accurate today; father of taxonomy and taxation Slide 7 -Society failed in the dark ages and took about 300 years to get back the common wealth, commerce, education, and religion -1347 black plague hits because of
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