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Jon Houseman

Keyword Definition Ages of sand Douglas Adams divides the history of modern science into four ages: 1) First age- the principle investigative tool of this stage is the telescope 2) Second age- microscope 3) Third age- computers 4) Fourth age- fiber optics (flexible, transparent fiber made of glass or plastic, functions as a waveguide or light pipe to transmit light between the two ends of the fiber Analogy Binomen Binomial nomenclature Biogeogrpahy Certain animals adapt into certain environments Charles Darwin • He proposed five theories: 1. No constancy of species, 2. Common ancestry, 3. Gradual change, 4. Multiplication of species, 5. Natural selection. HE NEVER PROPOSED A THEORY ON EVOLUTION • No constancy of species- can be observed through variation in the offspring. Ex. Different sized beaks in finches display variation in the species and therefore, non constancy. This can cause change in the gene pool of a species over time. • Common ancestry- can be seen in the anatomy of different species like homologies and vestigial structures. Ex. Hip bones in whale are similar to humans which indicate the common ancestry between the two species. • Gradual change- displayed by the fossil records of many species. Older fossil records have some small differenc
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