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Animalia, plantae,fungi VS Protista, monera: truly multicellualar, b/c have communication between cells vs still single celled, no specialization, no differentiation (except reproductive cells) AND no communiation A,P,F,P vs monera eukaryiotes vs prokaryotes Monera vs Protista, did prokaryoteos or eukaryotes come first? in prokaryotes, everything happens in the cytoplasm, in eukaryotes, theres specilaization of cells, the nucleus has its own area separated by the nuclear membrane some prokarytoes are gonna be moving around with a membrane, and its gonna swallow a mitochondria bacterium or a chloroplast? mitochondria b/c mitochondria produces Diference between how fungi feed and how animalia feed? fungi digest externally, and absorb the product through the membrane, animalia consume chunks and digest them internally and absorb the essential products Plants have cell walss out of cellulose, fungichitin Plants came from an algae, fungi and animalia came from one ancestor What used to be the monera: (bacteria and archea as one) slide20, but not anymore because it was discovered that monera are actually composed of two vastly different prokaryotes the living world should be divided into three domains: eukaryotes (protists, plants fungi and animals), archea (high cold,heat) (extremophiles) remnants of very first life forms on earth, ex in the past in the ocean, in highly acidic environments, these bacteria lived..(no oxygen)…have been seen in meteorites, it might explain that maybe life started as a foreign bacteria came .. Bacteria—took above strategy and adapted to oxygen rich Eukarytotes, cells aggregate to give the multi cellualar organisms LUCA (lowest universal common ancestor)- common ancestor of bacteria and archea, SLIDE 21: comte de buffon(scala natura still stands) Depending on the envirnonment he is in, he notices that certain animals have a morphology that seems to adapt them to this environment. Cats dif morphology that lived in arctic or Africa. He speculated that its origin was one place and as it migrated it changed to its habitat. Buffons law: the bodies match where they are. Geography impacts biology why is this problematic to the scala natura? he believes that species change, but scala natura is against change, they exist cuz they were made for their habitat Erasmus Darwin (darwins granddad) he translates all of lanaus work to English THE TEMPLE OF NATURE (poem) outlines concepts of change discretly ( no trouble with church) Georges Cuvier starts to notice that when u systematically collect bones you can get whole organisms if scala natura is perfect why did this one disappear? one theory was that there was a lost world on earth (bleh) OR extinction which is contradictory to scala natura, b/c those organisms were badly designed? THUS catastrophic theory, there were an event that caused some extinction (Noahs ark flood) Lyell, rocks have strata and lines, layers travels around the world, takes rock profiles, and stitches them together to notice that he can represent the earths rock. This strata represents thousands of centuries of sedimentation by comparing rock fossils. Slow process. These rocks fossils cannot all be made oct.23, 4004 bce. The world is a lot older. THUS, the date is challenged as well. He believes in change of species. Against scala natura. Uniformatism. Lyell vs Cuvier< slow change vs quick changes Lamarck..transmutation of species. He tries to explain slow change. pass on traits, heretible traits based on function… one has a long neck, uses it , and then child will have longer neck> what was he mis
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