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Lecture 13

Lecture 13 UNIT 1 DNA & RNA Structure.docx

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Kathleen Gilmour

Lecture 13 UNIT 1 - DNA & RNA Structure Slide 6 "cocus"- spherical -Had two strains of streptococcus strain "s" and "r" he injected them into the gut of mice. SHowed that the "s" type where lethal because the mouse died. 'R' type was not lethal Experiment used to demonstrate that you could change one type of bacteria, into another. two types of the virus, a lethal and a non-lethal version. heating up the lethal bacteria makes it non lethal, but when added to a mice with the non lethal bacteria, and it kills some mice. "Transforming principal" having a viable cell was key to 'lethality' and mixing the non lethal with lethal would transform it to lethality (partially) experiment is very reproducible Slide 7 Experiment conducted 20 years later. A series of experiments using the transforming principal -So the experiment was, they had a lisate which wasn't treated, and there was no activity, and so you have no transformation -in the second steps they treated it with different extracts ** the problem with these is that they weren't accepted to be entirely true b/c they made their own extracts & there was a possibility that they wherent pure -showed that DNAse was the one that prevented transformation, this means that it contains something in it that transforms, and this was DNA. (today we know that some proteins can hold true to the rule) Slide 8 Cargaff was interested in DNA; He developed methods to degrade the GATC, separate them, and 'observe them' chargaff set to determine the amount of GTAC in organisms dna. he found that A;T & G:C are the same. this applies for humans "char gaff's
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