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Lecture 4

2. Cell Membrane - Lecture 4-7.pdf

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Kathleen Gilmour

BIO 1140 ARizwan Awan 2 Cell Membrane LECTURES 47 BIO 1140 AIntroduction to Cell Biology Rizwan AwanTABLE OF CONTENTS Readings3 Primary Readings3 Supplementary Readings3 Lipid Bilayer4 Membrane Structure4 Composition Of The Lipid Bilayer6 Pop Quiz7 Test Your Knowledge8 Properties Of The Lipid Bilayer8 Membrane Asymmetry8 Membrane Fluidity9 Homeoviscous Adaptation9 CASE STUDYDietary Adjustments of Fluidity in the SemiPalmated Sandpiper9 Test Your Knowledge10 Membrane Proteins11 REVIEWAmino Acid Polypeptide And Protein Structure11 Integral Membrane Proteins IMP12 Pop Quiz13 Peripheral Membrane Proteins PMP13 LipidAnchored Membrane Proteins LAMP14 Thought Exercise14 Movement Across Membranes15 1Page BIO 1140 ARizwan Awan Passive Transport15 Passive Diffusion16 Facilitated Diffusion16 Active Transport16 Primary Active Transport17 Secondary Active Transport17 Pop Quiz18 Consolidate Your Knowledge18 Apply Your Knowledge19 Case Study Urea Transport in Gulf Toadfish19 Thought Exercise20 Membranes And CellToCell Signalling21 WaterSoluble Signal Molecules21 Steps In A Signalling Pathway21 Pause for Reflection21 Membrane Receptor Signalling Systems22 1 Ligand Gated Channels22 2 Protein Kinases EnzymeCoupled Receptors22 3 GProtein Coupled Receptors23 Test Your Understanding24 Pause for Reflection25 Test Your Understanding25 Consolidate Your Knowledge25 Pop Quiz25 LipidSoluble Signal Molecules26 WaterSoluble vs LipidSoluble Signals26 2Page
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