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Lecture 2

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University of Ottawa
Kathleen Gilmour

BIO 1140 Lecture 2What is a cellThe smallest unit of life that is alive and it must have all the basic units of lifeThe building block of lifeBounded by a membrane and contains genetic informationThe Cell theory1All organisms consist of one or more cells2The cell is the basic unit of structure for all organismsTheodor Schwann 1839 Matthias Schleiden 18383All cells arise only from preexisting cells ie the cell is the basic unit of reproductionRudolf Virchow 1855CellsThere is an enormous diversity in form function and size of cellsThe shapes of cells can be very simple to very complexThe size of cells differs greatly as well Some cells can be up to a meter long as in motor cells in very large animalsShare common characteristics similar chemical composition metabolism use of ATP as the cellular energy currency and the use of DNA for genetic informationSize in BiologyMicron 1 um106 m most cells and cell partsNanometre 1 nm109 m viruses small cell organelles larger macro moleculesMost cells are between 1 and 100 umWhy are cells smallSurface area to volume ratio
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