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Lecture 7

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Kathleen Gilmour

BIO 1140 TOPIC THREE The cytoskeletonChapters 25d 25e 361bCytoskeleton the cellular scaffolding or skeleton that is contained within the cytoplasm of a cell and is made out of proteins It plays an important role in intracellular transport as well as cell divisionFunctions of the CytoskeletonoThe provision of structure and support this is especially true for animal cells as they lack cell walls Example microvillioIntracellular transport provides an internal transport system that allows the cell to overcome slow diffusion rates over long distances This is the system that allows eukaryotic cells to achieve greater sizes than prokaryotic cells oThe positioning of organelles within the cell has the ability to move organelles around to better suit the needs of the cellsoThe generation of force for cell movement muscles are based off of the cytoskeleton as well as cilia and flagella Any movement of parts of the cell also results from the cytoskeleton including phagocytosis exocytosis and endocytosis oContributing to cell divisionStructure and function of filamentsIntermediate filaments Typically play supporting roles in cells Ones that occur in the cytoplasm are unique to animal cells Nuclear intermediate filaments are found in all eukaryotesThere are 6070 proteins that can be used to make intermediate filaments including keratin neurofilament proteins and nuclear lamins The type of protein that is used to build the intermediate filament depends on where the cell originated
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