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16092011Lecture 4 Major Physical Properties of Terrestrial EcosystemsEnergySolar RadiationCertain amount of radiation hitting the earth at all times highest when coming in perpendicularly equator increase the angle decrease number of photons striking the top of the atmosphere input of energy goes downCan determine global climate understanding how oceans move heatBecause it is the largest it heats the atmosphere ground heating moves warm air around has lower density and will rise and will spread cool and fall back down because increase in density Hadley cellFarel cell and Polar cellway of moving heat rotation creates winds in the opposite direction E to W in equator areastravels faster than the surface of the earth at the poles to the east from the westWater is moved around the movement of warm air Warm air evaporates lots of water drags water with it as it gets to higher altitudes itll get colder and lose the ability to hold that water rainat the north and south of the Hadley cell is where we get the desert conditions21092011Energy Global Scaleinteresting adaptations occur when climates reach extreme points summer winter quiet forestseasonality have huge effect on biology adn biotta and patternsequatorial regions dont have big seasonal differences in regards to temperaturePercipitationmax is equatorial because of hadley cellssemi dessert air column have lost water when they reach over the mountainsHow much water is being pumped up into the air in a regionpotential how much water would be removed from plants and surfaces into the air if water was
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