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Jeremy Kerr

30092011Lecture 6Assignment500700 words 3 pages double spacedCite journalsTrophic StatusNutritentsDominated by the physics and chemistry of waterPlaces with very few nutrients oligotrophicMost nutrients eutrophicRates in nutrient addition and consequences on water qualitiesRate at which it is added compared to rate at which it is turned overNutrients cycle changes seasonal differences have effects on them PredictableWater defines whats going onFactors that vary within a lakeThermal StratificationLakes change across seasons works differently in places that dont change seasonallyDensity is the same from the top to bottom of lake No strat No gradient in density of that waterAs things warm up air temp goes up as heat is transferred youre warming up water at surface density goes down and floats on denser colder water achieve thermo strat Density gradient controls thisWhen fall arrives cooler air temp will remove heat from top layer lowers density of waterwhole column of water has same temp breaks down thermo strat Vertical mixing is achieves Churds up stuff Nutrients dtored at the bottom is being churned and moved and cycledWarm to cold mixing thermocline metalimnion Winter air temp is cold forms ice layer at top density of water is slightly lower Invert thermo
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