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Lecture 7

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Genetics Lecture 7Phenotypes in Diploid OrganismsRelating to dominant or recessive alleles It is really just a dominant condition relating to an allele or a recessive condition relating to an allele We have a dark homozygous person and a heterozygous person but they are both just as dark as each other How How can the gene for having 6 fingers be dominant over 5 fingersTypes of Mutationstakes more than one step to introduce a mutationneeds to be stabilized after another round of mutations happens in a gamete it will be seen in the next generation Spontaneous mutations the background rate of changes in bases a normal rate of mutationsoOxidative damage reactive oxidantsreact with the DNA changes chemical structure and affects the hydrogen bonds when the polymerase reads itadds the wrong base as the complementaryoReplication slippagewith repetitive sequences oDNA Replication errors Tautomeric shiftsElectrons resonate differently may affect what other bases
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