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Lecture 6

BIO2135 Lecture 6: Nematode Crossword

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Jon Houseman

Crossword – Nematoda 1. Extensions of these cells connect the nervous and muscular systems of a nematode – Muscle 2. Nematodes have this type of a digestive system – Complete 3. The nematode pharynx is actually formed from this germ layer and that is why there are muscles lining it – Ectoderm 4. In a nematode the endoderm forms this structure – Gut 5. This internal nematode canal is visible on the surface of the animal as the thicker of the two lateral lines that run the length of the nematode body – Excretory 6. One of the consequences of a non-living outer layer is that these cellular structures, usually associated with an epithelium, are missing in nematodes – Cilia 7. The curl on the posterior end of a nematode identifies its gender as this – Male 8. Shelled eggs are located in this part of the female nematode’s reproductive tract – Uterus 9. Number of nematode lips – Three 10. The part of the female reproductive tract is located at the tip of the tubular gonad – Ovary 11. The name of the cell layer lining the pharynx of a nematode reflects its two functions. What is the name given to this tissue layer – Epithiomuscular 12. Ascaris is an unusually large nematode because of its adaptation to this type of life – Parasitic 13. In nematodes the opening to the female genital system is found in this region of the body – Middle 14. These copulatory structures on a male nema
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