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Lecture 10

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10022011lab next week looking at 2 specimens not enough time for everyone to dissect both groups 1 specimen per group sho off to each other posted questions read up on so can answer to other group and ask it of them Clam is hella harderPhyllum Mollusca1 of top 2 or 3 phyllumfound unique way to feed defines themMove up to apomophies Molluscaradula allows to scrape food off encrusted surfaces innovative Up to know filtyer feeding or phago Algal mats cover the ocean floor the first to burrow in or scrape away explodedorsal mantle skin covers calcium salts leads tocalcerous spicules or shells develop armourventral ciliated muscular footretractor musclestetraneural nervous system in part due to 2 body regions viscera and foot Each have a paired nerve chord so 4 nerve cords total 2 per sectionvisceral body mass over as ventral muscular foot division of body plan Piece on top covered by the mantle proteting the viscera which sits on top of the mobile foot partsecret retractor muscles pull you in to hideNumbers even today huge numbers Tremendously diverse group 1 of first to make it up on landMolluscs on land snails and slugsMollusc diversity adaptive radiationhugely diverse In body form intelligence complexityshells feeding enviro etcForm range sedentary to mobile major predators Very long evol history in terms of function Nautilus today a remnant of the ancient predatorsHAM hypothetical aggregate ancestorhow we explain such a diverse group arising with commonalities How did it modify to satisfy the needs of the different organisms Adaptive radiation body plan adapted in a number of diff ways that allows adaption to diverse habitats such as land ocean and freshwater mollusks 1 of few to conquer all 3
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