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Jon Houseman

Lecture 6MolluscaFebruary0113503 PM February 1st 2013Slide 4Trocophore larvaHatches multicellularUndergoes morpho changes to become other phylaCilliated band surrounds midline traps food propels towards mouthApical tuft stabilizes Slide 5Animal ApomorphiesSchizocoelmetanephridia filtering coelomic fluid inside body cavity ex ProtonephridiaDorsal heart opposite to ventral nerve chord and pericardial cavity only annelidia and molluscaCavity fills with blood gets put into heart then is squeezed out Side 7Metanephridia ciliated funnel suspended in coelomic fluid of body cavity cilia beats and propels fluid in funnel fluid passes down tubule and recover essential elementsProblem any essential salts required by animal in coelomic fluid arent selectively filtered so processes fluid to recover nutrients so that at end of system urine has only wastes to expel nephridioporeAssociated with coelomic spaceNephrostomeTubuleBladdernephridiopore Slide 8Mollusca AutapomorphieRadula grating structure on tongue used to grate organic material off substrate Dorsal mantle skin of epithelium responsible for producing shell first to hide in shellCalcerous spiculesshellsVentral cilliated muscular foot foot viscera on top with mantle on top to secrete shellRetractor muscles to pull shell down against substrateTetraneural nervous system 4 components instead of just nerve chord and brainmost diverse are gastropods because terrestrial most successful Mollusc DiversityAdaptive radiation how does architecture turn into snailcan completely contract in shellAnus on top of headDiscarded shell feeds on cnidarians and takes cnidocytes for armourVisual system similar to human cephalopods lost shellHow became clams
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