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Jon Houseman

BIO 2135 Key wordsProtozoans92 Organization the core of the eukaryotic flagellum in which there are 9 doublet microtubules making the outer ring of the flagellum and 1 doublet on the inside of the tube which provides a rigid backbone The Dynein Motor slides across the tubules of this organization to allow for movementAmmonia metabolic waste in the form of a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen It must be expelled from the cell or transformed into something different as it is toxic in high levelsAmoebozoa major group of amoeboid protozoa in which the majority move by means of internal cytoplasmic flow The conversion from the liquid endoplasm to the solid ectoplasm at the hyaline cap is what creates the movementApicomplexa large group of protists which usually possess an organelle called the apicoplast and an apical complex which are involved in penetrating a hosts cell They are unicellular sporeforming parasites of animals These parasites cause malariaAsexual Reproduction offspring arise from a single parent and inherit the genes of that parent only This includes binary fission and multiple fissionBinary Fission the parent cell divides in half to produce an identical daughter cell Generally occurs when there is plenty of food water and nutrients for the bacteriaCilia organelle found in eukaryotic cells that allow for movement and sensing the environment around the cellCiliophora the phylum under which ciliates are foundConjugation the sharing of DNA between two different cells It involves the dissociation of the macronucleus and the joining of the two different micronuclei to exchange DNAContractile Vacuoles used to expel water from the cell to prevent the cell from explodingCytoproct acts as the anus for the cell in parameciumCytostome the mouth of the cell This is where phagocytosis occurs in paramecium It is part of the oral grooveDynein Arm walks along adjacent molecules pulling the flagellum along with it creating movementEctoplasm the solid layer inside the Amoebozoa that allows for movement of the cellEndoplasm the liquid layer inside the Amoebozoa that allows for movement of the cell
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