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Lecture 16

Lecture 16 - Secondary Metabolites.docx

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John Thor Arnason

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Lecture 16Secondary MetabolitesDecember0312834 PM Chemical Ecology of Plant Secondary MetabolitesChemical ecology study of chmiecally medicated interactions between organismsSecondary metabolites role in ecology not primary organismsoProvide protections against insects as feeding deterrentsantifeedents growth reducers toxins etcIn situ bug avoidance of toxins in gland on leaf edge strategy put there to preserve some leaf for photosynthesisoProtection against fungi phytoalexins antifungalsPhytoalexins only apparent after fungal infection reduces energy required for defencesmarigold infected with fungus FOVC resists infection by induction of antifungal phototoxic thiophenesFungus GFORL inhibits production of thiophenes and kills plantFOVC resists fungus produces thiophenes that kill itFORL throws antifungal compounds FORL inhibits thiophene synthesisoCreate biochemical interference with other plantsAllelopathy calinfornia chaparral sage inhibits growth of grasses with camphor driven off during firesGrasses grow back up to sage brush because little camphoroProvide positive communication in legume nodulation or pollinati
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