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Lecture 12

Lecture 12 - Flowering Plants.docx

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John Thor Arnason

Lecture 12Flowering PlantsNovember12121135 PM KEYWORDSFlowering plants characteristicsEarly angiosperms fossils kinds Koonwara Protea MagnoliaDarwins Aboninable mystery Dr Sun Ge and D Dilcher ArcheofructusMalodawn oleananeDiversity and evolution primitive v advanced monocot v dicot important familiesCoevolution pollinators plants bats cheaters herbivores seed dispersers Flowering PlantsAngiosperms AnthophytaCharacterized by evolution ofCarpel seeds in vessel instead of naked seedTrue flowers petal sepal anther pistilHardwood advanced replaced softwood gymnosperm woodoBetter at transfering waterDouble fertilizationProduce embryonic plant1Develop food reserve1 Early AngiospermsAbundance in fossil record during Cretaceous 120mybpoSupercontinent split up as angiosperms evolvedKoonwarra resemble pepper family AustraliaProtea Magnolia symetrical flower parts beetle pollinatedoOffered to be eaten by beetle made extra part so beetle wouldnt eat everythingoAdvantage better pollen dispersal to plants than wind if becomes specialist Simultaneous expansion of flowers and insects hymenoptera after dinosaur extinction Darwins Abominable Mystery Angiosperm OriginDr Sun Ge and D Dilcher describes oldest fossil flower ArcheofructusRecently discovered near BeijingFruit contains 24 seeds in vessels how we know its an angiospermEarliest of angiosperms where fossil is sparseMay have evolved 200 mybp from extinct gymnosperms seed fern in uplands where fossilization was poor and later invaded low lands Moldawan et al 2001Discovered phytochemical oleanane in fossil deposits of Gigantopterid frm Permianoevidence isnt as good as fossiloOleanane defense substance against insects not found in conifersConvergent evolutionMolawan et al propose that this is a biomaker molecule for earliast angiosperm
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