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Lecture 6

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John Thor Arnason

Lecture 6FungiOctober05121037 PM KEYWORDSFungi characteriscsFungal protists oomycetes disease slime molds plasmodial and cellularTrue fungioCharacteristicsoDisease organisms sclerotina smut cercospora rustoIntroduced disease tree elm butternut chestnutoNatural products amanitine mushroom aflatoxin ear rot LSD magic mushroom secondary metabolitesoFermentation products biofuel from starch and celluloseoDivisions Chytrids chitridiomycetes Bread mold zygomycetes Cup fungi and yeast ascomycetes Mushroom and rust basidiomycetes Fungi70000 speciesMolds mushrooms disease organisms yeastsTraditionally placed with plants but closer to animalsSubgroup fungal protists collection of primitive organisms and some related to algal protists but with fungal characteristics Fungal ProtistsSimilar to true fungi only in having spores and acting as parasites and decomposers but closer to algaeEarly name phycomysedesWater molds oomycotaPlasmodial slime molds myxomycotaCellular silme molds dictyosteliomycotaFungicides like antibiotics that target chitin synthesis difficult to control Oomycetes water molds700 species aquatic and terrestrialDecomposers and parasitesGrow by hyphae without cross walls non septateoHyphae thin cytoplasmic tubes invades food substances and excrete enzymes to take nutrientsoSeptate septum is cross wallCellulose in cell wall not chitinReason why not controlled by fungicidesCentrioles like animalsLarge thick oopore zygote 2n in sexual cycle and zoospore in asexual cycle Important in Plant Disease OrganismsPhytophthora late blight of potato caused Irish famine
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