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Lecture 2

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University of Ottawa
John Thor Arnason

Lecture 2BiodiversitySeptember10121058 AM Sept 14th 2012KEYWORDS Flowering plantsLeft to discoverBiodiversity lossSystematics taxonomy phylogenyClassification why bother Linnaeus genus hierarchyHigher level classificationTraditional classification kingdoms taxa 6 kingdomRecent classificationTaxonomic studies and charactersPhylogeny phylogenetic treesCladistics cladogramsNew techniques numerical taxonomy molecular taxonomyAFLPTree of Life Age Flowering PlantsLargest group due to coevolution with insect pollinators and herbivoresMost species and 200 easily recognizable familiesLargest families 10000 species are orchids daisy legumesfamilies always end in aceae Whats left to Discover175 million are known 3050 lieft lower life formsMolecular techniques find many previously undetected bacteria and fungi in soils hard to get bacteria out so extract DNA from soilsBiodiversity surveys show algae and bacteria represent only small fraction of natureFew species of higher plantsEx slide 6Pleodendron costaricense New tree from which new compounds were discovered Aide Memoire Loss of Biodiversity2550 of biodiversity may be lost due toHabitat destruction and fragmentationInvasive species displacing native speciesClimate change causing movement of ecosystems faster than migrationChanges in climate and invasions of habitat force native species to migrate sometimes cant find new habitat or place where habitat has moved or remains untouched after takeover Systematics The Science of Biodiversitydefinition scientific study of biodiversity relationships
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