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Lecture 9

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PhanerozoicCenozoicLittle reptilian form Birds and little insulated mammals living in burrows are waiting to take over from the Dinosaurs Develop homoeothermy to keep them warm and were hunting at night KT Boundary 66MaMiddle Eocene 502 Ma Middle Miocene 14 Ma Modern WorldContinents are going to migrate mostly to the positions were they are todayBirdsIt is important to note that birds do not come from the same lineage at tradactals they come from a separate treeWhen the dinosaurs disappear their environment becomes available AMovement Flight Reptile begins to flyIs going to use betakeratin for water proofing and is going to turn those into feathersFeathers we now know we all the way through many reptile groupsTwo theories to how flight evolved but not without the insects1Ground up going around collecting insects by flapping feathers on the ground and eating them and then a predatory comes along and gets some lift because it is trying to escape predation2Tree downStart in a tree gliding down and collecting insects with on the way down and gain flightaFeather StructureStructure we can increase the surface area of the organism without using body tissue for the forces of lift to raise the organism in the air for flightIt is going to help keep
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