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Lecture 8

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Mesozoic Triassic Jurassic and CretaceousAfter the great Permian Extinction some Reptiles use the Amniote Egg and have survivedEarly Triassic 237 MaIf we look at the planet at this time Pangaea is massive running from North to SouthWhatever animals come up on land like the reptiles have a huge area to diversify on The Reptiles that are coming up on land are going to be bitten by the insects that have been up on land watching they have not disappeared Mass ExtinctionsThe Triassic has a further extinction that is going to help the Reptilian come up on land and dominate the planetLate Jurassic 152 MaIf we look at the continental plate they have started to shift away from each otherNorth American is starting to split away and by the time we to the end of the Mesozoic in the Late CretaceousLate Cretaceous 94 MaThe continents have completely shifted apart and are separated probably the result of the great big Flood Basalts One of the problems of killing off all of the life in the oceans with the Permian Extinction is that we are going not going to see vertebrate fish in the oceans and the oceans will get populated again by the fish in the fresh waterFish are in fresh water fish and they return to the oceans all the cartilaginous and bony fish have come from fresh water AMolluscCephalopods The fish from fresh water were the agile predators from back in time that forced the cephalopods to discard their shells Because the Analopods and Cephalopods could not keep up with the predators that were coming from the fresh water so the response was to dissolve the shell Vertebrate PhylogenyReptilla Diapsida1Diapsid SkullHave very special set of bones to accommodate
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