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Lecture 4

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MicroBio Lecture 4stMidterm20 40 multiply choice 1 lecture to this lecture Next weeks lecture wont be on itGram positive cocciMeans all bacteria will stain by the gram stain method and look purple Cocci refers to the shape circle of spheresSome arrange in pairs grape bunches chainsStaphylococcus aureus Many saureus stains are found in normal populationsCarried in hands axillastaphule means grape in greek species is always in lower case written in italics and underlined It is gram positive and has unique cellular arrangement that makes them look like grapes only bacteria with grape appearanceIt is a successful pathogen and is able to produce large numbers of toxinsOnly full blown pathogenToxins are quite the problemCytotoxins cytocellular can attach the whole cell so can damage physically and results in damage of different body partsHaemolysins class of protein that is able to degrade red blood cells haemolytic successful pathogen because RBC has lots of nutrients therefore if overtaken bacteria will cause lots of damageEnterotoxins AEGI toxins that have effect in your guts diarrhoea cramps associated with dairy products like milk cheeseyogurtToxic shock syndrome used to exotoxin C and enterotoxin FExofoliative toxins cause skin legions mostly problems of the skinEnzymesCoagulase coagulation of fibre leads to blood clotting of all the species of S only aureas can produce coagulase Made by almost all pathogenic staphylococci Coagulase production is a potential successful pathogen A lot of the nonspecific immune system work well as long as the blood can carry the stuff if the enzyme is released and bacteria can cause a blood clot and cause an environment and can prevent destruction It doesnt clot the blood but forms a clot that wont be removedBeta lactamase penicilinaseit destroys penicillin learn target site from last lecture its a chartallows bacteria to survive treatment but no longer effective in treating SAProblems8590 of stains isolated in hospital are resistant to penicillin because these are so commonly found and multiply quickly you can find a combination of resistant to vangomyocent and penicillin If u keep rising concentration
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