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Lecture 7

BPS1101 Lecture 7: Videos

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Biopharmaceutical sciences
William Ogilvie

Video 1 what is risk? worth what is something worth on and how it will change later lose something of worth throughout life take action to avoid bad things happening some idea of how big a potential loss of worth might be how much of this loss can reduced if you take a certain course of action RISK is the chance of a specified loss of worth occurring Its a number (probability) that is linked to a particular reduction in worth The possibility of a specific bad thing happening Avoidance, insurance or adaptation Health Risk 101 health and wellbeing around us bad stuff that can affect our healsth loss of worth impact of our health the number that indicates the probability of a specific health impact occurring is important Estimating health risk consider the potential to cause harm and what kind of harm it presents (the hazard how much are you exposed to, how much gets into your body and where it goes how much is too much doseresponse relationship, hazard and exposure into a measure or risk Hazard and Risk hazard possibility of something causing harm risk the probability of harm occurring until they do something it is a hazard if they do something stupid, then its a risk ACTION RISK Something else is needed to change a hazard into a risk Feelings and Risk feel risk numbers feelings where there is uncertainty that something is going happen to us risk numbers and feelings are same and different a sometimes listen to brain and feelings Feelings and Risk pt2 how well we know the risk car crashes happen more often in new drivers and bad weather, as a result the risk of car crashes are known or familiar people are not afraid
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