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Simplified Review of Topic 3 (Headache) for Drugs 101

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Biopharmaceutical sciences
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William Ogilvie

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BPS 1101 REVIEWTOPIC 3HEADACHE Cephalgiaheadache 90 of population suffers from headachesHistory of TreatmentOnce thought to be caused by demonsto get rid of the headache you have to get rid of the demonTreatments included redhot needles in the ear metallic tractor to pull out pain heat a persons head to get rid of demon cut tissue around the skullTrepanation as a cure for headachetrepanationdrilling hole in head thought to relieve pressure special tools were used for different kinds of headachestrepanation is for lifebrain will always be exposedModern trepanation Peter Howardson leader of holeinthehead movement who believes brain is not meant to be completely encased Amanda Fielding is another person who promotes this did video Types of HeadachesBrain does not feel painThe neurons in your brain do not sense painif there is pain its due to the thin layer of tissue surrounding the skullTwo main types of headaches are1 muscular2 vascularMuscular headaches caused by contraction of muscle band around the skullcontraction squeezes tissue and produces painoften caused by stress treat muscular headache withASAacetaminophenibuprofennaproxenVascular headaches1 toxic 2 Migraine3 Cluster Toxic Headaches toxiccaused by poisonpain is caused by vasodilation vessels near your brain get larger and press against the tissue in your head if you take vasodilators a side effect is thisExamplethe hangover alcohol is a poison Metabolism of alcohol alcohol is converted to acetaldehyde via alcohol dehydrogenase then to aceticacid via acetaldehyde dehydrogenase ndCertain people have alcohol intolerance due to variations in production of the 2 enzyme ex Asiansbecause of this there is more acetaldehyde and worse side effects aging the alcohol increases the hangovercongenersproducts produced during fermentation
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