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Lecture 5

BPS 1101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Analgesic, Rhinovirus, 1918 Flu Pandemic

Biopharmaceutical sciences
Course Code
BPS 1101
William Ogilvie

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Most common infection in Canada (25 times more common than all other
affects 5-15% population in Canada every year
It’s never going to be cured, because >200 kinds of viruses cause colds (mostly
classified by enveloppe
influenza is the most fatal, but mostly if you are really young or old
15% of colds
A very virulent strain can occasionally arise (Spanish flu [H1N1]
in 1918=20 000 000 deaths)
Avian flu in 2007 had a 60% mortality rate, but only transmitted
by contact with birfd
millions of birds killed in China, the source
you can make bioweapons with viruses, even at the University
smallpox: exterminated, but you can download it and
make it in 2 days
Swine flu was overhyped by medias
<0.05% of mortality rate, but medias sait up to 80%
401 deaths in Canada (10X less than usual death rate)
The medication relieves symptoms
No drug can prevent it
remedies, like chicken soup, are placebo.
The virus destroys tissue
The symptoms mostly come from the immune system.
Average cold lasts a week
Sneezing and cough do not spread colds
Being cold and wet hairs do not cause cold
More common in crowds
Nasal secretions and touching spread the cold
washing your hands and not touching your face may reduce the
wearing a mask will not protect you; but it protects other people from
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