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University of Ottawa
Biopharmaceutical sciences
William Ogilvie

TOPIC 6 REVIEWSPORTSSports drug scandals on the rise Ben Jonson wins and loses gold Canadian who won the 100 metre dashmost famousfastest man aliveGreat for 23 days but after 3 days he was caught using performance enhancing substances used steroids therefore banned from competition for a year ndcaught a 2 time then was banned for lifeJohnsons drug was Stanozololinvented by John Manson a CanadianMark McGwire hit 70 homeruns the same season as Sammy Sosa but he did it before SammyMcGwire used creatine and drostinone steroid but at the time this was completely legalBarry Bonds hits 762 home runshe was associated with a company therefore people wondered if he used steroidsseason after he broke the homerun record and his contract finished no one else would take himNEVER proven ONLY assumed Marion Joneshusband was associated with the same company as Barry Bondsadmitted to using performanceenhancing steroids surrendered gold medals and was sent to jail Methamphetamines and performanceenhancing drugs History of Drugs and SportsOlympics in ancient Greecein ancient Greece it was encouraged to use drugspeople wanted to see the best athletesthey used potions and herbsnot a lot of recordspeople were secretive NOT because it was bad but because they did not want to let their components know Zulu warriors prepare for battleIn South Africa there was a war between Afrikaans and Zulu tribesZulu warriors prepared for battle with a drugDOP Dop is a Zulu drinkan alcoholic beverage to be more aggressive stronger etcSubstance is also a hallucinogenused for religious actsAfrikaans pronounced it DOOP but the English pronounced it DOPEthey then used to term to describeperformance enhancing drugs Doping racing horsesdone in Englandhorses were doped to fix races trying to produce a longshot crappiest horse to win the racewinner gets the most money easier to screw something up than to make it better dope the best horses in the race so they would become the longshotracetrack were losing a lot of money so they started to have regulations would take saliva and test for heroin cocaine etc therefore first athletes to be tested were horses Cycling was notorious for dopingviewed as being goodpeople wanted to see the fastest races possible Endurance was enhanced with dopeCaffeine
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