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Biopharmaceutical sciences
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William Ogilvie

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TOPIC 8 REVIEWTOBACCO Tobacco is the most dangerous substance in the worldkills more people than DDT PBCs industrial chemicals pesticides cocaine alcohol homicide suicideCOMBINEDtobacco is basically linked to all forms of death listed aboveIn fact 13 of all cancer deaths are associated withthe use of tobaccothe number one risk factor associated with stroke is tobacco smoketobacco kills 420 000 per year in North America estimated that 6 billion deathsyear more specifically in third world countries where as much as 70people smokeHistory of TobaccoColumbus discovers tobacco 1492Natives drank smoke from tobbagos name of tobacco for the natives Colombus saw on his trip to the Caribbeanfirst shipments to Spain from Tobago theory that tobacco comes from the shipment to Spain from the island Tobago Jean Nicot introduced tobacco to Francelherbe nicotaineJean Nicot introduced tobacco to FranceHe used it as an herbal medicinein fact one of the first treatments ofasthma was tobacco Tobacco was used to revive drowning victims Tobacco smoking in clubssmoking a long time ago was expensive and unpleasant tobacco was very harsh because of the acids in itpeople consumed tobacco primarily using a pipe with a long stempoint is to have the acid gas to cool down in the long stem to allow smoking to be possible crude processing of tobacco back then Water pipes popular in Eastern countrieswater pipes is a way to smoke tobacco in Eastern countrieswhile it may prevent some organic substances going into the smoke it is not MUCH safer Snuff became popular with aristocracysnuffpowdered tobacco leavesyou had to be rich because the supply of tobacco back then was low Chewing tobacco popular with the masses First depiction of cigarette smokingCigarette is in fact a relatively new invention late 1700scigarettes were originally rolled by hand making them expensiveBonsack machine reduced production cost first machine to manufacture cigarettes drove down the cost dramatically
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