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Biopharmaceutical sciences
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William Ogilvie

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COMPILED LIST OF DRUGS AND CHEMICALS FOR DRUGS101 - Radithor = a patent drink that contained radioactive water, used to make you smarter - Aspirin = acetasalicyclic acid (ASA) - Bufferin = contains MgSO4, an antacid that helps to reduce stomach pains from aspirin - Ibuprofen = found in Advil and Motrin - Acetaminophen = found in Tylenol - Anacin = contains ASA + caffeine - APC tablet = contains ASA + phenacetin (older version of acetaminophen) + caffeine - Tylenol migraine = contains acetaminophen + caffeine + ASA (ASA is not included in Canada) - Tylenol PM = contains acetaminophen + diphenylhydramine (1 generation anti-histamine for drowsiness) - Midol = acetaminophen + caffeine + pyrilamine (diuretic). For menstrual cramps - Naproxen = found in Aleve - Cafergot = an older form of isolated ergotamine still available today to relieve migraine - Sumatotriptan = from the class of Triptans, which can stop migraines before they occur. Replaces serotonin - Amphetamine/Benzedrine = decongestant - Phenylpropanolamine (PPA) = decongestant that for a while was being used for appetite suppression – now off the market due to stroke - Pseudoephedrine = found in Sudafed/Sinutab/Benylin, a decongestant that can be used to make methamphetamine - Phenylephrine = a decongestant found in Sudafed PE (not as strong) - Chlorpheniramine = 1 generation anti-histamine, makes you sleepy - dextramethorphan = anti-tussive - guanifesin = expectorant - Mustine = inspired by mustard gas, a chemotherapeutic that causes DNA damage - Cisplatin = chemotherapeutic which enters the cell and jams into DNA - Taxol = chemotherapeutic derived from Yew - Benzopyrenes/PAH = converted into a substance by the kidney that can react with DNA and cause cancer. Found in anything that’s burnt (tobacco, steak) - Stanozolol = steroid used by Ben Johnson in the Olympics, created by John Manson (all Canadian!) - strychnine = acts as a stimulant in low doses, used in 1904 St Louis Marathon by Thomas Hicks - Pervitin = methamphetamine tablets given to German soldiers - Dianabol = steroid created by Dr Ziegler of the York Barbell Club, one of the first synthetic steroids used - Diosgenin = derived from Mexican yams, used to make steroids - tetrahydragestrinone = “The Clear”, undetectable steroid until 2002 st - Salvarson 606 = 1 antibiotic developed by Ehlrich, from Trypan Red (trypanosomes) - Prontosil = created by Domagk, antibiotic that is converted to sulfanilamide, which blocks folic acid production in bacteria to produce coenzyme F - cephalosporin = antibiotic discovered in Italian sewer. Blocks cell wall synthesis - streptomycin = antibiotic that was discovered in chicken throats. Blocks protein synthesis in bacteria - Tetracycline = antibiotic that also blocks protein synthesis in bacteria. - Chantix = partial nicotine agonist (patch) from plant which contains cytisine (similar to morphine). Morphine is used to make varencline - Thiomersal = preservative with mercury for vaccines. Shown not to cause autism - Squalene = lipid adjuvant which was thought to have caused Gulf War Syndrome, but this was not even in military vaccines at the time. - Alka Seltzer = sodium bicarbonate (antacid) + ASA + citric acid (makes fizz) - Mg(OH)2 = antacid, in milk of magnesia. Problem is that it is a laxative - Al(OH)3 = antacid, found in Gaviscon. Problem is that it causes constipation - Maalox = magnesium hydroxide + aluminum hydroxide (therefore both effects cancel each other out). Also contain simethicone (from silica gel) to prevent gas - Pepto Bismol = poisons bacteria in the stomach - Tagamet = stomach anti-histamine to reduce stomach acid, also causes gynecostomia (man boobs) as a side effect - Omeprazole = in Prilos
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