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Important Numbers and Abbreviations From 2010. Bonen mentioned a few important numbers to know (genome size of E.coli, etc.) so I compiled it into a review. There are also so many abbreviations that I made a list of what they all stand for

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Biopharmaceutical sciences
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Linda Bonen

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GENOMICS IMPORTANT NUMBERS 9size of human genome32 x 10bpnumber of genes in human genome30 0006 size of Ecoli genome46 Mbp or 46 x 10 bpnumber of genes in Ecoli4600 genessize of DNA insert for plasmid vectorless than 10 kb lambdaPhage vector1520 kbcos vector4045 kb BAC vector 300 kb YAC vector 1Mbp but unstableIntron length in humans200 nt to over 10 kb Exon length in humans100200 nt Intron length in plantsabout 100300 ntIntron length in yeast2030 nt for tRNA genes and some ribosomal protein genes 100500 ntsize of genome of Haemophilus18 Mbpnumber of genes in yeast60007 Genome size12 x 10 bpsize of poly A tail is approximately 200 ntMicrosatellites5 bp clusters usually 150 bp lambda phage genome size50 kbpMycoplasma genome size058 MbpIMPORTANT ABBREVIATIONSRT PCRreverse transcriptaseUTRuntranslated region of RNAsnRNAssmall nuclear RNA role in splicingsnoRNAsmall nucleol
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