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Celtic Studies
Rosemary O' Brien

CLT 1110 B September 6 and September 10 th Hello  Dia dhuit → Hello — Dia guitch, Dhaoibh → Hello (group)  Dia is Muire dhuit → Greeting, May God and Mary be with you. — (Response) Dia rd Muire Guitch → God and Mary also with you. — (Response if 3 person) Dia is Muire dhuit is Padraig → God bless you, Mary and Patrick Three different greetings from three major dialects o Connacht  Cé chaoi a bhfuil tú? (Kay hee a wvill too) o Munster  Conas atá tú? (Connas ah- taw too) o Ulster  Cad é marata tú (cad eh marah-taw too) *All mean “How are you?” Greeting answers  [Tá mé + Answer] — (Taw may) = I am  go maith — (go mah) → Well/Good  go brea — (go brah) → Fine  ceart go lore — (kart go lore) → Okay/Fine  measartha — (MAsserHA) → so so Greetings answer additions  Agus tusa? — (Augus tuh sah) → And you?  Go raitbh maith agat — (go raev mah ahgath) → Thank you  Gura maith agat — (gura MAH ahgaHT) → Thanks  Buíochas le Dia — (booeekas le dia) → Thank God Introductions  Cad is anim duit? — (cad is ah-nim dit) → What is your name?  Is mise [name] — (iss misha) → My name is [name]  C
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