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Irish Language Classes 1-2

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Celtic Studies
Rosemary O' Brien

CLT 110 B IRISH LANGUAGE CLASS 1-2 Hello Dia dhuit – hello – dia guitch Dia is Muire dhuit – hello (response) – dia is mwir-ah guitch Dia is Muire dhuit is Padraig – hello (response if 3rd person) - paw-rig Dhaoivh – hello (group) – dee-eev 3 Different Greetings for 3 Major Dialects All meaning ‘how are you?’ Connacht Cé chaoi a bhfuil tú? – kay hee a wvill too? Munster Conas atá tú? – connas ah taw too? Ulster Cad é mar atá tú – cad eh mar ah taw too? Greetings Answer Tá mé + answer, as tá mé means I am Go maith (go mah) – well/good Go brea (go brah) – fine Ceart go leor (kart go lore) – ok/fine Measartha (masserha) – so so Greetings Answer Addictions Agus tusa? – augus tuh sah? – and you? Go raitbh maith agat - go raev mah ah gaht – thank you Gura maith agat – gura mah ah gaht – thanks Buíchas le dia – boo ee kas le dia – thank God Introductions Cad is ainm duit? – cahd is ahn-m dit? – what is your name? Is mise ____ - is misha ____ - my name is ____ C’ainm atá or
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