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Lecture 9

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Kathy Focsaneanu

Lecture 9 - toic 4 (the cytoskeleton) Pop quiz: 1.Distinguis between an ATPase and ATP synthase -atpase is an enzyme used to break down atp. tap synthase make atp, found in the crystae of mitochondria. gets energy from electrochemical gradient 2.distinguish between oxidative phosphorylation and substrate level phosphorylation -substrate level is connected to glycol's, it uses coupled reactions, and doesn't require oxygen -oxidative phosphorylation, it requires oxygen. 3.what is uncoupling protein 1 and why does it matter -protein 1 is important in generating heat, it allows protons to get back into… -found in inner mitochondrial membrane, use to bring H+ back into the (proton transporter) significant in heat generation in brown attars tissue 4.what is allosteric regulation and why does it matter to cellular respiration - compound binding on to enzyme, and changing its shape thus changing its activity. significant because it regulates rate of cellular respiration (to rate of ATP production. [supply and demand]) Slide 2 -cytoskeleton allows cell to take on various shapes -it provides structural support -think of cell as bag of contents, the cytosineleton gives the cytoplasm some structural stability -functions as internal transport system -positioning of organelles within the cell -movement inside the cell depends on cytoskeleton Slide 3 -microtubules are largest of cytoskeletal elements -very dynamic, always changing shape -found in cilia and flagella, known as AXONEMAL "stable arrays" -microtubules of the cytoplasm are very dynamic Slide 4 -Structure of microtubules, two types of tub
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