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04 Solutions 4606052510319 PMPage 122 2010 Pearson EducationIncUpper Saddle RiverNJAll rights reservedThis material is protected under all copyright laws as they currentlyexistNo portion of this material may be reproducedin any form or by any meanswithout permission in writing from the publisher41The ship is pushed through the water using an A36steel propeller shaft that is 8 m longmeasured from thepropeller to the thrust bearing Dat the engineIf it has anouter diameter of 400 mm and a wall thickness of 50 mmdetermine the amount of axial contraction of the shaftwhen the propeller exerts a force on the shaft of 5 kNThebearings at Band Care journal bearingsDABCInternal ForceAs shown on FBD5 kNDisplacement8 m38500 10PL dAp229AE 0403 2001046 m 363810310 mmAns 364ABNegative sign indicates that end Amoves towards end D42The copper shaft is subjected to the axial loads50 in75 in60 inshownDetermine the displacement of end Awith respect2 kipto end DThe diameters of each segment are 3 ind1 kip6 kipAB3and Take E181102 ksid1 ind2 incuCDBCD3 kipC2 kipABThe normal forces developed in segment ABBCand CDare shown in theFBDSof each segment in Figaband crespectivelyp22 3A225p inThe crosssectional area of segment ABBCand CDare AB4pp2222A 1025p inA2p inand CDBC44ThusLPL L LPPPCDCDiiABABBCBCdADAEA EA EA EiiABCuBCCuCDCu200 75100 60600 50 333225p1810p 1810025p 1810CDCDCD3 inAns 076610The positive sign indicates that end Amoves away from D122
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