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Classical Studies
Efharis Kostala

A RTEMIS  Atalanta and the Calydonian Boar – Artemis sends a boar to the town because the King did not sacrifice their first harvest. A group of men kill the boar, but Artemis creates a dispute between the men and a war breaks out. The boar hide is awarded to Atalanta, wife of Meleager. Her husband won her hand by defeating her in a foot race, throwing three golden apples to distract her  Hippolytus – He vowed to remain chaste and serve Artemis. Aphrodite becomes angry and makes it so Phaedra (his step-mother) falls in love with Hippolytus. He denies her, and she goes to her husband and tells him that he tried to rape her, so he is killed. A POLLO  The Birth of Apollo – Hera was jealous of Leto so she forbade her to give birth anywhere on the Earth, so she gave birth on a floating island, declared the center of the world [Delos]  The Pythic Games – Apollo kills Python and the founded games in its honor are called the Pythic games [Great games of Delphi]. He makes a stool and summoned an oracle to sit on the stool and deliver prophecies  The First Priests of Delphi – A ship from Crete was transformed into a dolphin, Pythia [the priestess of the oracle]  Apollo and Hyakinthos – Apollo loved a boy named Hyakinthos, but he was unfortunately killed while he and Apollo were playing discus [the west wind]. Apollo transformed him into a larkspur.  The Birth of A
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