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EnvironmentBioethics Gene Patents and Big PharmaEnvironmental ethicshow should business treat the environmentBig PharmaThe AmericanGene PatentsScientists looking at genes in lifeshould they be allowed to own life they spend billions of dollars in research to find it so are they allowed to patent them Is everything for saleThere are something for sale Environmentalistwanting clean waterif you allow people buy life and control it they are not too keen on maintaining itThe argument of GM crop there are lot of argument on the positive and negative impactmost of the food today is GM should people be allowed to own it it belongs to mother natureGod own life animals trees you are buying gods property in life you are no longer fundamentally freeit is possible they are not Gods tree Human Gene PatentsSlavery is bad because you own people Gene is about owning peopleMonsanto big company that is going around buying gene eg they cameup with a genetically modified heart they do it by genetic modification They want to patent Meart genetically modified
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