CMN 1148 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Standpoint Feminism, Radical Feminism, Postmodern Feminism

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8 - Critical Approaches
Critical Approaches
Critical Approaches - Approaches to organizational analysis that consider
organizations as sites of domination and see theory as a force that can
emancipate individuals from these dominating forces.
Critical theories will make sure that people actually know.
There is going to be someone to control, traditional authority.
The pervasiveness of power
You have power to influence others. Possession of controlling influence.
Traditional approach to power - position or authority hierarchy. People who
have to position, how they influence others. Direct supervision or direct
Symbological approach to power - only looking at communication for
decision making. Evaluate people..what people say. How power is playing an
important role. Communication and relationships between different people.
Look for balance and imbalance.
Radical-Critical approach to power - just because people have legitimate
authority, this does not mean right decisions will be made. You are basically
trying to see how you can explore any social or economical imbalance.
Morgan's sources of power (Table 6.1)
Control of Modes and Means of production
Modes of Production: refers to economic conditions that underlie the
production process. Looking into that people are working and are given fair
reward. Looking into the economic conditions bascially.
Means of Production: the acutal work processes involved in production. E.g.
humanizing/dehumanizing, skilled/unskilled/deskilled (see table 6.1 - sources
of power). What people actually do to produce products and how services are
Decision Premises: The options available to a decision-maker. According to
critical theorists, these premises serve to restrict choice and provide an
interpretation for organizational activity.
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