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Lecture 8

CMN 2173 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Invisible Hand, Ferdinand De Saussure, Tiger Woods

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CMN 2173
Dina Salha

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The Celebrity Brand
what is brand? - Something that means something to us
-how do you get a meaning behind a brand?
-we live in a brand saturated world
-gut feeling about an org or your brand = your reputation
-brands summaries our attitudes (people places or things)
-How we relate to brands is similar to how we relate to people - as time goes by we make
adjustments and deleting others
-brand is your singular driving focus
-Kardashian collection
-Beauty line
-Tv show
-Endorsements and appearances
-sex tape
Oprah Winfrey
-code branding - celebs speaking for the brand and giving it credibility
-brand image - perceptions about a brand as reflected by the brand associations held in
consumer memory
-celebrity image - perceptions about an individual who enjoys public recognition as reflected
by the celebrity associations held in consumer memory
-co-branding - is the pairing of two or more brands
—> bringing two images together - the brand image and the celebrity branding as one
EX: 2003 nike and tiger woods and michael jordan 1.44 billion on them on co branding
Effective branding
1) celebrity credibility - do we believe the celeb knows what he or she is talking about?
2) celebrity attractiveness - attractiveness linked to memorability, status, and attention
3) Celebrity product congruence - nike needs sports athletes
4) celebrity multiplicity - use of several celebs widens appeal
5) Celebrity activation - celebrity persona (private life, activities, accomplishments)
acknowledged and used in branding
Signs and semiotics - ferdinand de saussure
Signifier: sound or image used to represent
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