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Lecture 21

CMN2173 Lecture 21: Codes

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Dina Salha

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Advertising that is directed to children must not exploit their credulity, lack of
experience or their sense of loyalty, and must not present information or
illustrations that might result in their physical, emotional or moral harm.
Child-directed advertising in the broadcast media is separately regulated by the
Broadcast Code for Advertising to Children, also administered by ASC.
Advertising to children in Quebec is prohibited by the Quebec Consumer
Protection Act.
Advertising Standards Canada (ASC) has particular issues with advertising to
They have codes
Children's lack of experience and sense of loyalty
This becomes a sort of a problematic because when the child is presented
with the idea of a character that becomes a friend and the character has
some sort of a bonding tie with the child, where is the sense of loyalty to an
industry? to something that doesn't exist?
The advertisers play on that and here we are presented with an ethical
problem when it comes to the content of advertising where you have to be
loyal to the character that you identified with. A character that grew up with
Children use to have invisible friends and that was a product of imagination.
Today children don't have invisible friends because they're not having the
chance to have invisible friends or use their imagination. They've conquered any
and every aspect of the imagination of the child. And therefore they have been
promoting since the birth of the child this idea that you can have a connection
with the media/fictional character and they provide them with area of products of
this character whether is TV, film, toys and internet access, and presenting all
these things to the child that are attractive and validate the child as an individual
specially based on the child's psychology...(colours, they like the be treated well,
reward)...they mesh all this together to product a consumer.
Child directed advertising in the broadcast media is separately regulated by
broadcast codes
There are ways that advertisers go around these codes in Quebec
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