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Lecture 3

CMN 3103 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Operationalization

Course Code
CMN 3103
Peruvemba Jaya

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CMN 3103: Lecture #3 Sept 12 2013
Amanda el Azzi
Cara Cochrane
Sam Jotham
TA: Kelsey Power-
Designing Qualitative Research:
Purpose of social science research :
To uncover the underlying patterns of social life which may be regularly appearing and typical and expected
or there can also be some variations and reactions.
We accomplish this by developing and refining theory, which can then be tested through empirical research.
What is theory : a broad set of statements that describe a particular phenomenon.
Theory can be explanations about a phenomenon and can be used to classify events whether those have
already occurred or can be used in predicting the future to some extent.
The starting point or smaller units for theory building is the use of concepts.
Symbolic elements

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foundation of communication and though
two distinct parts
symbolic elements (word, symbol, term)
definitional elements
Ideas and Theory:
Theory – research
ideas and theory come before empirical research; lead to refutation through research
Research- Theory-
Research leads to theory development
Research initiates, re formulates, deflects and clarifies theory
Communication accommodation theory- sometimes when e interact depending on who they are, there is a
belief that we tend to over compensate, talk down to them etc. We feel the need to accommodate our
A blended Model:
The Spiraling research approach :
Being with a rough idea
Gather theoretical information
Reconsider and redefine
Idea, Theory. Design , data, analysis
Dissemination, collection
Reviewing the Literature:
Formulate a rough question
Visit the library
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