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Lecture 3

CMN3104 Lecture 3: CMN 3104 january 24

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CMN 3104
Dina Salha

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CMN 3104: Women In Media January 24, 2017
Lecture #3
Codes of how we perform socially constructed gender
Gender Display: the process whereby we perform the roles expected of us by social conventions
(gender is a construct)
Feminine Touch: showing an object that is held by a woman's hand and cradles the object usually
or how she touches her face or body
Men hold things tighter than women - strength, in control
Women pose looking innocent but sexy - vulnerability (sexually inviting)
Ritualization of subordination - being submissive, leas wide open, woman being stepped on by
men to showcase shoes, woman being blindfolded and men holding the blindfold, women being
silenced (hand over mouth, mouth is sewn up)
Licensed withdrawal - looking into the horizon, she's here but not here, not aware of what's
around her
Adults looking like kids - youth, making infants out of adults
Pragmatism of Language: not what language says but what it does
What we see is sometimes more important than words, we usually understand right away
Habermas' Social Theory:
Modern society has two basic spheres of sociality: lifeworld and system
Lifeworld (medium of the symbolic and cultural reproduction of society) hosts communicative
System (money and power) hosts instrumental and strategic action
Pathologies From The Colonization Of The Lifeworld By The System:
1. Anomie
2. Disintegration and alienation
3. Demoralization
4. Social instability
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